Through Empire's premier tumbling training program, athletes build a strong foundation in the required shapes, skills, and strength for tumbling success. Beginning, intermediate and advanced students learn to perform level-appropriate skills correctly and safely in a progressive and challenging environment. Each class builds on the terminology & skills learned in the level before. Our tumbling classes emphasize skill development and level promotion, so athletes who work hard and set goals find success yearly. Empire's approach to tumbling education ensures proper skill development and safety technique for a long career.  


Tumbling Classes

Preschool Tumbling & Trampoline

Level 0: Kinder Tumble

Level 0: Beginner Tumbling

Level 1: Walkovers

Level 2: Handsprings

Level 3: Tucks

Level 4 & 5: Layouts, Standing Tucks & Twists


Competitive Tumbling Team

Is your athlete ready for the next step?  Athletes who are enrolled in Level 1 - 5 tumbling classes are eligible to compete on the Empire Tumbling Team!  Make new friends, learn new skills, and gain confidence in this fantastic team-oriented program!  

Tumbling Team Details


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