Fundraisers 2022-2023

Any athlete currently enrolled in an Empire Team or class program may fundraise for tuition, competition fees, and other related costs.  We will be offering several fundraising opportunities throughout the year.  Check back for more!

Have an idea for a fundraiser?  Send us an email at [email protected]


Individual Fundraiser

This year, we will be live streaming our games, and our families, friends, and fans will be able to watch for no charge and capture amazing moments. Sporfie also provides opportunities for athlete play review and video capture for recruiting purposes.

You will have the opportunity to raise funds for your Empire account by selling ads.  For a small $300 donation from any business their business logo will appear in the bottom right corner of our live stream three times every hour, across 2 streams all season long!

How it Works: 

  • Here is the link to your Raise+ campaign tool:

  • Parents/athletes will register at the link above by providing your contact information.
  • Once registered, you will find a personal link at the top of the page and a payment form.
  • You can either send that link to the business partner to let them process their contribution, or if selling in person, they can use the payment form to collect funds instantly.
  • When payment is collected, the business partner, the parent/athlete, and the program admin will receive a confirmation email.
  • Within the confirmation email, the business partner will be provided a link allowing them to upload their logo or message.
  • Sporfie then reviews the uploaded logo, adjusts image formatting (as needed), and approves the image for upload to the program’s live stream.

Deadline to Sell Ads for Select, Regional & Winter Teams:  September 15

PROFIT TO ATHLETE:   $150 per Ad Sold 







Kwik Trip Gift Card Fundraiser

Individual Fundraiser

Kwik Trip has a fantastic 9% money back on all gift cards purchased through RaiseRight in September 2022.  To participate athletes must:

Have a RaiseRight Account Linked to Empire All-Stars RaiseRight Account.  

To do that: see RaiseRight Instructions below

Invite your friends, co-workers, and family sponsors to purchase reloadable Kwik Trip (physical) gift cards for $25, $50, or $100.  

1)You decide how you’d prefer for your sponsors to pay for their cards.  No payment, checks, or any money should be brought to Empire for processing.  
2)Order your sponsor gift card(s) via the RaiseRight app or website using your bank account or card.  You are in control of ordering and distributing your cards.
3)You will receive 80% of all money earned for your gift card sales directly in your Empire account.

On October 1, Empire will submit a bulk order for all Kwik Trip gift cards purchased between September 3 - September 30.  These will arrive at the gym by October 15 for you to distribute to your sponsors.

Encourage your sponsors to reload their gift card with you before throwing it out or reloading at the store.  Let them know you have lots of other physical and e-gift card options to help sponsor your season.

Deadline for Kwik Trip Fundraiser: September 29

PROFIT TO ATHLETE:   80% of your earnings


More info:



Individual Fundraiser

The convenience of gift card fundraising. It’s easy—and it works. By using gift cards to pay for everyday purchases, each individual can earn $1,000 or more each year. No selling. No extra time. No extra money.

The earnings come from the brands and go into your fundraising account as soon as you purchase the gift cards, not when you use them. Plus, gift cards from RaiseRight never expire.

  • How to get signed up!

    1. Complete the quick sign-up form either on our website or mobile app

    Download the RaiseRight app OR Visit

  • 2. Select “Join a Program”

  • 3. Enter Empire's unique enrollment code: 78JGZ2R7KW3H

    4. Complete the fields to create your account

    5. Enter and verify your phone number for 2-step verification (2-step verification protects your account if you forget your password or someone is using your account without your permission)

Deadline to earn using RaiseRight:  on-going throughout the season

PROFIT TO ATHLETE:   80% of your earnings