Empire's Elite Teams

Is your athlete a shining star, ready to soar to new heights in their cheer journey? Look no further! Our prestigious Elite.Team program, is custom-made for high-caliber athletes of all ages and skill levels. This exclusive opportunity offers a thrilling experience to compete in highly competitive atmosphere while forming lifelong friendships in our exhilarating and supportive environment.

Unleash Your Potential

At Empire, we live and breathe talent development. Our Elite embarks on an extraordinary journey, mastering all-star stunting, tumbling, and jumps. Our routines are created utilizing each athlete's skillset and encouraging technique mastery.

Dazzle the Judges

Picture your athlete in the spotlight, mesmerizing judges and spectators alike with a breathtaking 2-minute 30-second routine. Empire Elite Team's will showcase their talent and expertse at two local showcases and between five and seven regional all star competitions, leaving the audience in awe of their unparalleled brilliance. Exceptional performances can earn coveted placement awards! Some elite teams may earn bids to national end of the season events.

A Path to Greatness

Dream of becoming a high level cheer athlete? Our Elite Team is a coveted stepping stone to a inspiring cheer career. Embrace the challenge, focus on honing the fundamentals, and ignite the fire of ambition to reach for the stars along with your teammates.

Join the Empire Fam

We're not merely a team; we're a closely-knit family of passionate athletes, dedicated coaches, and supportive families. Together, we celebrate each triumph, conquer challenges, and forge friendships that last a lifetime. Empower your athlete to thrive in an environment where growth and camaraderie go hand in hand.

2023-2024 Prep Team Season

Practice Schedule:
June 2023 - April 2024
varies by team
varies by team
7-9 local & regional showcases & competitions
Birth Year 2007 - 2018
Monthly Tuition
Registration Fee
+ apparel & uniform fees
athlete and family travel & spectator fees not included
Athletes must be evaluated by a coach and invited to join elite team.
email [email protected] for an evaluation or to review our elite team handbook